Peter has illustrated over 25 books for children and young adults. In 2005 the Children’s Book Council of Australia awarded The Island their Honour Book Prize.
Archie Cupid Lizzie Imp -Archie cupid.jpg
Archie Cupid Lizzie Imp-COVER-small.jpg
Archie Cupid Lizzie Imp-Lizzie Imp.jpg
Captain Cat - Cards of Chaos - Catapult .jpg
Captain Cat - Cards of Chaos-cover.jpg
Captain Cat - Fruit of Fury-cover-.jpg
Captain Cat - Fruit of Fury-Dr Daffodill.jpg
Captain Cat - Revenge of the Refrigerators- cover.jpg
Captain Cat - Revenge of the Refrigerators- Kitty Kopter.jpg
Captain Cat - Revenge of the Refrigerators- Street scene.jpg
Captain Cat -Peaches of Panic-cover.jpg
Captain Cat Cards of Chaos - Frog.jpg
Captain Cat- Fruit of Fury -car.jpg
Captain Cat- Peaches of Panic - Sailing.jpg
Captian Cat- Peaches of Panic- Surfing.jpg
Daisy the Moo Cow - And then she began to feel very sick indeed.jpg
Daisy The Moo Cow - cover.jpg
Daisy the Moo Cow - One day the farmer forgot to shut the gate.jpg
I wish I had  Dinosaur landscape.jpg
I Wish I had a Dinosaur detail.jpg
I Wish I had a DInosaur p5.jpg
I wish I had a dinosaur underwater.jpg
I Wish I had a Dinosaur- Cover1.jpg
Maze of Twisted Tales - Hansel and Gretel detail.jpg
Maze of Twisted Tales- cover.jpg
Plane Train Truck Trolley -cover.jpg
Plane Train Truck Trolley p10.jpg
Plane Train Truck Trolley p2.jpg
Rollercoaster 1.jpg
Rollercoaster 2.jpg
Spider!- 1.jpg
Spider!- 2.jpg
Tatterhood-Bold but not too bold.jpg
The Island - cover.jpg
The Island 2.jpg
The Island p32.jpg
Willy Wagtail grows up- cover.jpg
Willy Wagtail-My friends and I sang and laughed till sunset.jpg
Willy Wagtail-When I was a baby my parents brought me worms.jpg