The School Magazine
Published by the Australian Government, The School Magazine is the oldest children's literary magazines in the world. Peter has been contributing illustrations since 1982.
Surviving Mustang Day illo.jpg
2016- School Mag 2-March - Vegie Strife.jpg
2016- School Mag Cover- A Goar Afloat.jpg
Orbit-November 2016.jpg
The Doze.jpg
Seven Ravens.jpg
Touchdown cover-Sept-2016.jpg
My dad wears a horses head 9-2016.psd
2013-BlastOff- Oscars Dream -dog.jpg
2013-BlastOff-Treasure Lost -sub.jpg
2013-Touchdown-Dolls House.jpg
2014-Countdown-Lorato-wire car.jpg
2014-Touchdown- Jools and Vern- .jpg
2014-Orbit-Miss Morph- insect.jpg
King Arthur
2012-Orbit- Knights and Dragons.jpg
Annas Royal Performance- London
Apricot pie - bike
Attack-attack- - giant spider
Bring a pet - dragon
Buried Secrets-2012.jpg
Dad meets the Martians
Dirt Bike Man
Do trees dream
Do trees dream1
Fighting for the football
Fin Mc Cool
Fish on a bicycle
Footballer  kick
Freaky stuff
Girl and goats
Great detective
Great detective1
Hamlet and Little Squirt
Hero of the day
Into the waters - giant squid
Jaspers Big Probelem
Kangaroo in bushland
Katrim Muntavy
Keep an eye on Ashley - Beach
Kookaburra new rule2
Kookaburras new rule
Medievil Court
Montgomery Moose Juice.jpg
Moroccan market - Morocco
Nan and pop
No More Yowie
Oopsie Daisy
Possum on Mr Listers Roof 1
Possum on Mr Listers Roof 2
Princess face
Rag and bone man
Really Big Excuse
Red robbin on road sign
Revved up rest home
Ride Callie Ride - dirt bike
Robbies new friend
Row boat
Saturday Morning Soccer
Schemer of a Lemur
Silver trails
Sixty Eight Teeth - crocodile
Sofa love
Space Gypsies2
Space Gypsies4
Staring contest
The Python Cave - Australian Bush
The Python Cave
The Seven Ravens
The Smile - frog
The Squires bride- horse
The Wishing Ring
Touchdown cover-Sept-2016.jpg
The hairy shearer
The vicarious vacuna - lemur
The web
Travelling - Highway
When you reach me
Wolf eyes
Yoga on the mat
Zafrins Challenge.jpg